Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

drawing a day 09082012

The second organic form.

Another rhythm pattern and then i decided to punch holes through the surface as well as mark it.

I have been working with punched holes a bit in the studio too. This one feels more like a print to me. I love the big translucent red dot.


drawing a day 09072012

I decided to work with some forms that are more organic as my defined surface.
This is my first experiment.
I started by creating a background pattern that uses repetitive marks in an organic way. These were based on rhythmns. Tap, tap — tap tap tap. TAP.
I molded the edge by hiding areas with white and then adding scribbled textured forms inside.

drawing a day 09052012

Making a shift again.

Working with some solid forms and only a couple marks.

One of the strong points of this kind of drawing app is flood filling an area. I thought I would take advantage of this in a few new drawings. My first adventure and I’m pleased.



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