Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

drawing a day 03262012

Still using a solid background. This time my color applications are experiencing the opportunity of transparency. I like it. I'm working on some ways to make perfect circles with tools that I make in the studio. Then I will try them on paper in larger drawings.


drawing a day 03252012

Like fireworks for me. In the darkness little streams of light that dance on a blackened sky. That's what this drawing look like to me now. But when I began I was searching to break out of some of the comfortable language I have been exploring and create some new words. Vowel sounds long and short came to mind. This is what I heard.


drawing a day 03242012

Traveling down the same road. Looking at variations of the smae brushes and a full color background.
Just a couple simple marks a crescent shape to cradle them. It's planetary in a way. Seeing so many things in these forms and enjoying the floating of them.


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