Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

drawing a day 03162012

Using a background again in this drawing.

Still scribbling a bit. Having fun obliterating previous layers. The only really familiar marks are the dots. These repetitive scribbles come naturally. I use the same motions to loosen up before I start drawing in my studio. I do them much larger there though. It's a bit strange to scribble with your finger — the relationship between my finger and the mark are so off.

Enjoyed making this one.


drawing a day 03092012

Working with the same set of tools as the last drawing. Keeping a light touch. Looking at how these marks could move into an analog space with a substrate that will absorb the ink or pigment.

Thinking more about moving the drawings from the digital to the analog.


drawing a day 03082012

Made some new brushes for this drawing. They respond to speed. When I draw fast they make a very thin line. As I slow down it becomes thicker. It has the feeling of using a device that is loaded with pigment and the substrate absorbs based on the time spent in any one spot.

Since I'm using a digital device this pigment doesn't bleed but it reacts. Gonna try a couple more.


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