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drawing a day 02132012

Switching back to a horizontal group of drawings.

I love drawing with graphite. I love all the grades of softness that I can use to make marks based on pressure. I can use the same amount of pressure and use a different grade and get a completely different line. I can choose a hardness that no matter what I do I get the same line. It's a whole different set of tools.

These drawings are intended to have the graphite color space. I created a number of tools that would act the same for a series of drawings. This is the first. Now to see what happens.


drawing a day 02092012

Got a little tuned up on the energy in this one.

Took a little longer working on the drawing. Did some erasing this time. Just a little. I'm really into the tool I made with the multiple lines sorta like a comb. I'm thinking about what kind of tool I can make that mark on paper in my studio. I want a tool to add to my box — so I can call on it anytime.


drawing a day 02072012

Making a drawing a day is like running a gaunlet at times. If you put your head down and cover your head you'll make it through. That's what it felt like when I was making this drawing. Making open marks, making them fast. Running as quickly as I could.

drawing a day 02062012

Some playful repetition and transparency.

I really haven't made these marks in my works on paper. They are new in these experiments. I have been experimenting with these marks in a number of these iPhone drawings. Testing the feeling of the marks and techniques I would like to try to replicate in larger drawings with big drawing implements.

This one is very earthy feeling.

I may make some efforts in this direction in the studio soon.



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