studio : November 2008

Yes this is an old photo. But you'll probably see this old configuration in the new studio.

I just moved a whole bunch of furniture into my art studio yesterday. A whole counter full of shallow drawers in which I can store supplies and papers. This is a huge improvement from my old studio. Now I don't have to worry about materials being subjected to too much light from the southern exposure that I now have. The studio space is much cleaner in terms of dust but less exposure is always good for the materials.

The next thing is to attach a translucent cover to the tops and then place my 9 foot glass top as a work surface. This will make a great place for cutting, rolling out inks, mixing stuff and other assemble type activities.

I'll be painting one of the walls this weekend to get everything white and bright.

I've made an opening large enough to roll my worktable in and out for when I want to use my 9 x 12 foot homosote drawing wall. This is where the larger drawings will be done. Pretty exciting.

Also, have flatfiles full of my paper and my completed drawings. Almost organized.

I'm getting excited to do a couple framing projects in there. One for a piece I sold in October.

Well, back to work. More news and pictures soon.

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