studio : february 2009

Getting work photographed professionally is an adventure. I have a very kind friend that is going to do this for me. Yes, I will give him a nice gift. It is essential that I determine how I will mount some of my larger drawings, drawings on vellum and synthetic paper.

Today I'm going to do numerous tests with background colors to see the best ways to show off the luminous nature of the white charcoal on the translucent sheets. I'm imagining that a Rives BFK gray sheet will be perfect. The distance the drawing is from the background will play an important part in the readability of all the marks.

I will use magnets and screws to hold the drawings. This will disturb the actual plane of the drawing the least.

The harder mounting will be the drawings that are done on full sheets of BFK. The sheet is heavy and I'll need to test what kind of magnet solution will work best for these. I'm thinking I'll document this process with photographs and in my sketchbook so I don't have to figure it out again.

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