design : floorplan and storage : studio 9-oh

Have spent some more time with Google SketchUP, relearning some things I have forgotten. Working more on the layout of the new HQ. This image shows the long common hallway on the south-side. We're creating a larger door opening to move in/out the larger and 3d works. Also, a welcoming entrance for art openings. We've created a wall in front of the storage to feature a signature work to draw visitors in. The left side is facing North and is an ouside wall.


Looking in from the northwest. Great amount of north light. French doors and two windows. The north wall is shorter than the south by about three feet. Doors open to the outside. Would be great to have a little balcony, wouldn't it? Did I mention we're on the third floor?


A look inside from above. The entrance-way is closest to the bottom of the screen. To the left is a nine foot glass countertop with drawers in the cabinets below. This is a perfect place for getting ink to the right tack for monoprints, mixing pigments, trimming and gluing papers. I've used these drawers to hold dividers to hold many tools, boards, and papers.

Straight ahead are two 8 foot high banks of wooden shelves for storing all supplies in multiles. This has been successfully used in two other spaces. The first wall has 22" deep shelves excellent for framed work an heavy materials and tools. The front is covered with a substrate that will accept T and push pins; maybe sanded homosote or painted drywall. The back set of shelves are the same height but narrower.

In the northeast corner is a storage counter with sliding doors. This will probably be where the coffee maker and fridge will go. More ideas coming in the next post.

1241-overhead structure

The above image shows the frame structure of the studio/gallery space. This will provide excellent above head storage and lighting options. New additional lighting for exhibitions and drawing.

Lots of possibilities to be worked out.

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