studio : September

Working madly to get my studio ready for POSt (Philadelphia Open Studio Tours). This is crazy since it's a whole new studio. I've been planning, painting, constructing for weeks. Finally. I have a rough and workable plan for the entrance to the space. I'll be reusing two doors from the old design studio.

I plan to paint them a warm gray, bolt them together, and hang them from a sliding rail. That will allow me to bring large works and materials through the doors easily. It will also make it easier to connect with the public space which I hope to make more of a lounge for the third floor artists.

I'm hoping to paint the doors this weekend, bolt them together, and get the hardware on.

I'll be the first space to actually have glass in my doors. This will help when I display work or heavybubble holds shows or salons in the space.

Very excited.

Still have not found my camera. So this is a shot of my moleskine sketchbook using Margaret's iPhone.