process : 9 x 9 new works [ part one]

I find it difficult to throw things away that I have a feeling will be come art some day. On occasion that has created a bit of a storage problem. Recently I had to make the decision about putting a few design annuals on the street for give away or or carry the 30+ pounds up three flights to my studio.

I've moved these hard cover books printed on substantial weight paper several times. They really were never very good books – I got them as part as a professional membership. I think I thumbed through them quickly once maybe twice and then they sat on a shelf. I'd pull them down to use as weights to flatten papers or let glue set;  they were very good for the purpose. But, was it worth moving them again?

Something in me kept saying: I can make art from these.

9 x 9

Before that walk to the for free box I decided to take one more look, one last assessment. I had kept the dust covers on the books to protect them from fading and now I peeled them back to reveal the cloth bindings. They were immaculate and the colors were so vibrant! The endpapers too were dense solid color. There was a reason these volumes had been spared so many times. How could I toss away these beautiful rectangles of color? Luckily too the titles hadn't been stamped on the covers, only on the spines.

9 x 9

A new series of works has started.