in the studio : April

Three drawings inked.
number 3 tonal drawings
number 2 tonal drawings
number 1 tonal drawings

In my studio today.

I really went to my studio today expecting nothing. I thought I would clean up and store some tools and supplies I wasn't using right now. I began to do just that while my coffee machine did it's thing.

But some how an idea came into my head to do a draw-down on the warm gray Rives BFK I wanted to print on. I had done draw-downs on a white sheet. But now I wanted to check the actual sheets I wanted to print on. With such a high cotton content I contemplated soaking the sheet first but decided against it. This is where the process took a turn and instead of doing a draw-down I put down a stripe of ink to fill a roller. I put out a full sheet of paper and began to experiment with creating tones with an ink loaded roller.

I have made marks like this before but not with this tool or ink. This is a new way to make larger versions of marks I like to make.

I was excited as I made these soft tonal rhythms.

I have no idea what marks may come next. but I excited to work with these new drawings. I see a whole series coming.