In the Studio : early August

Stella Untalan In the studio magenta and yellow on the wall
yellow intaglio rolling drawing
magenta down first
magenta drawing detail

Spent an amazing day in the studio yesterday working on new drawings. I purchased some new ink a week or two back and finally got to work with it. Sculptor Amy Ralston was making a studio visit and she turned into my assistant, what a luxury.

I set out to make nine new drawings.

This required a considerable amount of cleaning up since I had been working on so many smaller projects recently that required flat surfaces. Materials were just everywhere. This was the first time I had seen my flat file surfaces cleared off in months. After coffee and organizing it was time to make some art.

I began by setting out a number of bright white sheets of Rives BFK and mixing the lightes value hue, yellow. That would be the first set of marks. Much of the process was developed and constricted by the use of one roller to make the marks. That meant that a series of sheets would be markets with one color at a time. A progressive process. 

The second color I choose to work with was a red (magenta-like) On the sheets where it was the first color applied, as with the yellow, no additives were used. But on the second color pass some transparency agent was added. This is where I am now.

My next studio time I will work on the blue marks.

All of this work is happening intuitively. Only the color selection and using layers of tonal marks were planned. Everything else is discovery.