Open Studio : the plan

studio rearranging

Morning coffee and contemplating the arrangement of my studio for open studios.

I have such a love/hate relationship with open studios. The idea of allowing people I don't know into such a personal and sacred place can almost paralyze me. Often I leave the room when someone visits. I just can't watch them peering. 

Last year someone actually walked back into a space I clearly had made inaccessible to visitors. He just walked into my studio, gave the work a glance and plowed back past the barrier. I was speaking to a visitor about a particular drawing but inside my head all I could hear was myself screaming WTF? LEAVE MY STUDIO NOW.

This year I am determined to stop that from happening again or I may have to let what I think escape from my mouth.

I think I'm going to string yellow caution tape.

Meanwhile, snacks will be on the rollaways nestled in the French doors.