Open Studio : the wrap up

Looking in my studio door
Philadelphia Open Studios Hawthorne, Carpenter

Seriously? POST EAST is over?
I was just getting in the groove.

POST is always a wild thing. No matter how prepared you are you never know what will happen. This weekend temperatures reached summer highs. I had to have my mega air conditioner running to cool my visitors who climbed the three flights to my studio.

This year I showed a segment (110 drawings) my #drawingaday project and it created quite a buzz. Folks were very excited and asked questions about everything.

You made these on your Phone? Did you use a stylus? You drew one every day? How long did each one take you? How long did it take you to make each one? What progeam did you use? Visitors said they didn't have any idea that the drawings were digital and what amazing discipline and tenacity I had to create such a body of work.

But what struck me the most was how animated everyone was. They repeatedly pointed to drawings of interest, exclaimed, and discussed them with their friends and other visitors.

It was an exciting weekend.