EXHIBITION soundings : mowat · ralston · untalan

me and soundings at 110 CHURCH gallery
soundings fifteen seven by Stella Untalan
soundings fifteen seven [detail]

My drawings in this exhibition focus on measurement and probing. A ping. Each series of marks is made by filling a tool then making marks until the ink is gone. How far will the ink go?

I have always been drawn to make marks. The repetition allows me to be caught up in a rhythm; the proximity of the marks create rest and action. This is central to my work. Using tools that ask me to focus on each mark creates a meditative state. Each mark seems to take an eternity. I touch the surface, make the mark, and then move away.

In this work the process defines the outcome. It is minimalist, repetitive, and iterative.

More than any of my other work, there is an absence of thought. Loss of concentration creates the unexpected. The unexpected however, is embraced.

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