IN THE STUDIO : making walnut ink drawings

walnut ink drawings one
walnut ink drawings two

I've been making these very small drawings with walnut ink. They feel old, they feel like small twigs in the woods, they are cryptic.

I determined some criteria for making them based on the ink. The ink is in a very small pot. It is handmade and has a handwritten label on the lid. All of these details ask one to slow down and appreciate the moment of placing a sheet of paper on a drawing surface, opening the ink pot slowly. and dipping the pen.

Each dip and mark are their own voice.

After drawing the first series of lines on the first sheet of paper it became clear that each drawing would only take two dip of the pen.

So, each drawing is made slowly with only two dips of the pen. A new dip is made when the first dip has been depleted.