a sharp little portrait

single edged razor blades in the studio.

Cleaning my studio reveals my addictions. I love using single edged razor blades. I prefer them to scissors or xacto blades; although I do have stocks of both. Everywhere I pick up studio debris I find another straight edged razor blade, aka Gem Blades. It's a danger zone for those who don't know the signs.

I'm crazy about having a sharp one so I'm always opening a fresh blade for fear of creating a tear rather than a clean cut.

But when I organize after a project is finished I gather them up in little groups and toss or press them into foam board. I've had moments where I throw them across the room and watch them stick in the drywall. It's best if they stick into something. If not they may hide below some papers one wants to gather up and the cuts begin.

This is a Hipsta vignette of one little group looking sharp.