in the studio : January. purple and white trials

purple and white drawing one
purple and white drawing one detail by Stella Untalan

These are new drawings the first that I have made in the new year. I had to start somewhere and something said: Make a purple drawing, very purple.

I set up my big worktable and took some Yupo that was taped to the wall and placed it on the table. I took out several drawing implements and a dark purple ink and a bottle of white. I wanted something high contrast to happen. I don't like to make my big drawings on purchased colored substrates. I like to make the color field that I am going to draw on. This field was made by dragging a wide felt pen to make horizontal lines. I experimented with filling the pen with more ink and letting the ink run out.

The drawing is on translucent Yupo. When it is dry I'll see how the differences between the white lines and the actual voids in the purple assert themselves, if at all.