IN THE STUDIO : making horizontal lines

orange horizontal lines
orange horizontal lines on panel

Most recent work. Expanding the measurements series with horizontal lines. These lines require super concentration. Dip pens need to positioned just right to drag across the substrate. The lines again are drawin with one dip until they run out and then are filled again. When the ink runs out I return to begin from the left again. Open spaces occur randomly, creating a rest in the measurement.

I always draw or brush pigments for my the have tonal differences, sometimes textures, and almost always — voids.

I'm very interested in what has happened with this first work on a panel. A new language is being revealed.

Friends on ello had some very telling observations: 

Feels as if it is a paragraph telling us something. [@rhardgrave]

The more I look at this, the more seems to be revealed... I can see verticals, slightly brighter than the base colour, and towards the top right, ghostly handprints. [@yawnthepost ]