In the Studio : computational drawing

A drawing by Stella Untalan in a computation book with ink three lines
detail of drawing by Stella Untalan three lines

Finding a rhythm, 1, 2, 3.

After filling some pages with lines moving in various directions I defined a zone in which to draw a series of short lines. Each grouping of three is stacked on another three. These marks create an undulating column. 

I began drawing a series of these columns and investigated the resulting lines. This image is one small test drawing. Using different drawing tools changes the appearance of the three line groups and ultimately the motion of the columns. I'm currently making a series of drawings based on these marks.

I've determined and set aside some sheets of rag paper that can be the receptors. Now I'm setting aside the ink and pen to make the marks. The substrate and pen will have impact on the quality of line and texture.

I'm energized in the studio again. 

Looking forward to getting back into the studio and working on these new pieces. I'm expecting to show them the first time at POST (Philadelphia Open Studio Tours)