IN THE STUDIO : Early August, 3 lines

3 lines drawing on my work table
new drawings, 3 lines by Stella Untalan

Back in the studio in August and it's already been very productive. My last visit I completed another drawing in a new series.

These drawings consist of three repetitive marks drawn in columns. I'm learning about how the columns react based on speed, ink, and drawing impelments. This drawing was made using prefilled drawing pens. They create a consistant line and tone. I love the different experience from close and distant views. Still, they don't run out of ink for many. many marks. This is not consistant with my need to use measuring as a key element in making my recent work.

Still these drawings are informative and wonderful in other ways. I've learned much from them about how I want to proceed with these tools and surfaces and how to move forward with others.

I'm looking forward to working with dip pens and bamboo pens on watercolor paper to create a different experience.