yupo and markers and t pins

Using markers to make new marks.
Using markers to make new marks
Using markers to make new marks.

When you have lots to do and no idea where to begin it's time for a cup of java and some experimentation. I pulled a couple new markers onto the worktable, grabbed a piece of Yupo and tested some marks that I like to use in different ways. 

I layed down a group of stripes in different directions and waited for them to dry. My expectation was to drag some sharp objects across the surface to scratch out some marks. I tried using some T pins I had close to hand. Surprise, the Yupo stubbornly held on to the ink. Well, ok that was a discovery I can use in the future.

That lead me to laying down some marks and then moving the still wet ink with the T pin. I used the same motion to create a similar mark. Some new things to think about and use.

All in all a very productive day.