drawings and their ghosts

graph drawings and their ghosts

Many new experiments in several small sketchbooks these days. When I open sketchbooks I don't have any expectations when I draw. I'm looking to keep my hand moving and my brain away from concious decisions even more so than when I am in the studio with a goal to make a drawing.

I have many, many different sketchbook, They have different paper and they are different sizes. Sometimes I use a whole sketchbook to investigate a kind of mark or a particular drawing substance or impliment.

I was given a graph paper sketchbook by fellow artist Carol Eddy. It inspired me to respond to the grid in my mark-making. I prefer to make drawings with impliments with inks or substances that are diminished after time. But I make many drawings away from the studio that don't use this part of my vocabulary. In this case I used Stablio technical pens which have a rich flow of ink. They also have a very long life. 

I began making drawings and I wasn't interested in what was happening until I looked at the wrong side  I loved the drawing that bled through. This had a texture and more of an unexpected stroke. What has motivated me to make some studio versions in the combination of the wrong-side drawing and the ghost drawing that is made from the bleed through of the marks.

This deserves more investigation in the sketch books and in the studio.