Soundings Wave 1 documented

My soundings, wave 1 in Elena Bouvier's studio being photographed.
My soundings, wave 1 photographed by Elena Bouvier

It's a wonderful thing having your work documented by a professional. The managing of light so that it is even and soft showing your work as it should be seen.

I know that my work has very subtle marks and value changes that are difficult to see in photographs. That's why it is so important to have a professional photograph my work. It's also important for that photographer to capture the spirit of the work and manage what the camera sees.

Now that this drawing is photographed I can work on the hardware to install it at the collectors home. Photographing that will be next.

I'm so pleased that I have someone to document my work that gets it. My work is documented by Elena Bouvier. You can see her work and contact her from her website.