Being in the Woods Untalan Dennis and Mowat, Review

Stella Untalan drawings in Being in the Woods with sculpture by Brian Dennis

Being in the Woods unites Stella Untalan‘s ink drawings and Brian David Dennis‘ large cardboard construction titled, [bar], in a meta-magical art installation vibrating with the rhythms of the universe and nature. Minimalist drawings using walnut ink and a nib are serenely precise and flow with life energy. The repetition and hand/mind control pulses across the sheen of the paper like heart beats, the measure of time is palpable and flowing. Experiencing the drawings is like watching moonlight dapple the forest floor, the ebb and flow of water over rocks in a brook, and the strangeness of the pattern recognition. Each mark in the sequences captures a moment in time, memorialized with the utmost concentration and care, fading slowly across the span, then is reborn. — Don Brewer