Soundings. Fifteen Feet, Seven Inches : 50,000+ marks

soundings fifteen seven by Stella Untalan

Soundings : Fifteen Feet Seven Inches

More than fifty thousand marks were made for this drawing. Finally got a full video together to document my drawing that I made back in 2014. I have it rolled up and waiting to be seen again. It's available to go live somewhere more permanent. Any takers or suggestions? It's drawn on heavyweight drafting film and I've installed it in numerous places using magnets. No framing necessary.

I took the process pics and propped up my iPhone for the video. Still exhibition images are by Elena Bouvier done with available light. Sound is by Lesley Tao Mowat. 

I curated the show and it was a collaboration:

Drawings: Stella Untalan
Sculpture: Amy Ralston
Sound: Lesley Tao Mowat