Sea Grass collectable button series

The second button in my collector series of buttons. Sea Grass by Stella Untalan support me at Patreon
This is the second of my series of limited edition buttons made from scans of drawings from my 600 Drawing Project. The button is a detail from drawing 4x4-326 : SEA GRASS.
When I was about one hundred drawings in on this project in 2019 I began thinking of ways that I could optimize exposure for the drawings, exhibition, and year long project. At that time I didn't have Patreon so I asked folks that I know whether they would be interested button/pins of some of my drawings. They overwhelmingly said they would be interested.
I'm just getting ready to do a special offer here for new patrons so if you haven't become a patron yet here's a chance to get the first two I produce. Only 100 buttons of each drawing I select will be made. Fifty will be for Patrons. The buttons are signed and dated. They come with a little card and my gratitude.
If you join at VoxBox or above you'll get the first button and future releases.
20194x4-005 SEA GRASS
Montana Marker on Strathmore
Size: 1.25 inch Signed and dated Limited Edition 100