The work of Odili Donald Odita

Sharing the work of Odili Donald Odita

I have always loved colorfield paintings, geometrics, and minimalism. I haven't even finished reading this article but wanted to share it because I find this work very interesting. Fresh even after all the work that has come before it. You'll have to follow the link since I'm not willing to use images without permission.


Here is a statement from the artist:

In a 2009 interview with Ian Sternthal, publisher of Sternthal Books, Odili Donald Odita made the following statement about his work:

The paintings you referred to do indeed incorporate a triangular geometric formation that is African in origin and conceptual in intention. A triangular block of color starts from one point, incrementally expanding as it reaches the other end of the canvas. The motif expresses the mathematics of infinity — two lines that never really touch, expanding towards infinity and beyond. […] The triangular shapes stacked above and below, constantly repeating. This idea came to me from staring at the computer screen, as well as the cinematic screen. […] This idea of the edge and beyond — the edge and within — was something that I began applying towards my understanding of the Western world’s boundaries, in relation to the surrounding “peripheral” areas.


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