Foldable Dispatches : Book One, Digital Ink

Foldable Dispatches : Book One, Digital Ink A small book by Stella Untalan

Today I made my first book available to patrons on Patreon. Each year I decide upon a project for the whole year. Sorta like a drawing-a-day. This year I decided to create artists books one each month. These fit on a single sheet of paper. 8.5 x 11 inches, letter-sized US.

I'm making the whole collection available for download as they are completed. I expect to have a collection of 12 books one each month.

The first book is a selection of digital drawings I made for my 2020 project called Digital Ink. This one includes a poster backside that can also be printed separately.

The collection of books is titled Foldable Dispatches and book one is titled Digital Ink.

I made a few posts about progress and share a video of how to fold and cut. The posts are public although patrons get early access.

If you are interested in having the collection you can become a patron at any level. Thanks for taking a look.