Yep, Inspiration can be conspiratorial.

Eight black and white drawings for Mapping the Terrain by Stella Untalan
On my ello profile, a social network, I share some of my work. I love it because you can present your image as you intended and viewers can see it LARGE. No square cropping, no filters, easy to repost within the network.
David Zimmer a poet discovered the series of drawings I made for my Mapping the Terrain book there. He was inspired to write a poem for each drawing. I am sharing the poems on Patreon.
I'm hoping to create a book with drawings and poems. I haven't thought what the book will look like but I'm looking to make a printed version available at cost + shipping for anyone interested. There will be more about that project as it develops.
David Zimmer says:
I curate a writing page on ello. @thewriting-group. I look for work that interests and excites me. I saw Stells’s drawings and read about her processionals and i put it on the writing group page.
Stella said, “I hope this inspires someone”.
Well, I’m your huckleberry.
More about David.
I am as old as sand and have been writing since I was a mountain. I played saxophone, keyboard and sang in a couple of dada punk art bands, the N. DoDo Band & the Bilko Sisters. I have written a handful of novels short stories and many poems. I was President of a tax-exempt Arts Corporation, Monster In The Closet, Inc. We ran poetry, dance and music shows in the ‘70s and ‘80s
I also was President of another tax-exempt Arts Corporation, Poets For City Schools for 10 years. Weran weeklong sessions in New York City High Schools. I was Co-host of a radio interview show, the Absence of Silence. We interviewed: John Cage, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Stan Lee, Virgil Thompson and others.
I am continuously excited to be alive and not being dead.