Foldable Dispatches : Digital Ink, Book One

Folded Dispatches : Mapping the Terrain

I'm happy to share this short video that gives you an idea of what my Foldable Dispatches books look like after they are printed, folded, and cut. This video is of the first book in the collection. DIGITAL INK. These books are very simple for you to make once you download them. I even have a video to show you how. 
A new series of drawings. They were made with a new iPad app. I'm using the Apple Pencil. This is the first one I made. These are all about using a small vocabulary of marks and repeating them. The app is pressure sensitive and also allows me to change the surface smoothness. The drawing implements a a steel taped calligraphy pen and brush. This was made using the pen. The pattern is random based on just how the stylish is placed and how much pressure is placed on the surface. I love it. I'm not able to really totally control the marks. It's fabulous.

I'm only using black ink so far. I'm sure there will be at least a half dozen of this particular mark. Something new and black and white and digital.

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My year-long project for 2021 is a small single-sheet artist book/zine collection. This collection will be available to all patrons including the $3/month Studio Journal level. It’s like buying me a cup of coffee each month.
Inspired by numerous single sheet artist's books out in the universe, I have decided to make works that can be digitally shared with my patrons and collectors. I will be creating at least one single-sheet art book each month.
Each month, Patrons will be able to download a book PDF to print and fold at home. Directions and a little video for how to fold it will be posted. You'll be able to see flat views and folded views of the finished book for reference.
The first book is a selection of digital drawings I made for my 2020 project called Digital Ink. This one includes a poster backside that can also be printed separately.
All current Patrons get these new artbooks.