POSTED ON Sunday, March 22, 2009 - 11:50

Ok. Soon I will go crazy if I don't take a trip to friend Peter Fraterdeus' printshop. Been talking about making letterpress prints of Egyptian Waters for months now. Time to stop talking and head out there on a ROAD TRIP. Will be taking sheets of Rives BFK but will look at printing on some handcrafted sheets too.

About Exquisite Letterpress :

POSTED ON Sunday, March 22, 2009 - 11:11
POSTED ON Thursday, February 26, 2009 - 07:52

Stella Untalan Gassaway | memory landscapes

I know that you probably don't believe it but my heavybubble website is finally launched. I just couldn't stand it anymore when people asked me about my site. It was no longer amusing.

The site is actually very small right now. I need to get some work photographed. More will come.

POSTED ON Sunday, February 1, 2009 - 09:00

Getting work photographed professionally is an adventure. I have a very kind friend that is going to do this for me. Yes, I will give him a nice gift. It is essential that I determine how I will mount some of my larger drawings, drawings on vellum and synthetic paper.

POSTED ON Monday, January 19, 2009 - 09:59

small drawing storage

Ok. No more bobbing on and off again for moving the studio. I will be making art in the same place until July. So, I can settle in and make work while thinking about where I will be in the summer before going to the Adirondacks for the annual September mountain pilgrimage.

POSTED ON Sunday, January 11, 2009 - 18:22

Ok, I'm embracing the chaos and our virtually useless economy. I just want to make some art. It looks as though I may be moving from my currently only half unpacked studio,

Economics are tossing my studio about like half a cork in a turbulent ocean. Everything is up in the air and I'm unsure of where I will land. I'm packing again. In the meantime I try to sketch and work on some installation ideas and large scale work. I hope I will be able to make some art soon.

POSTED ON Friday, December 19, 2008 - 14:35

Yes. I have started work on the new studio space. The glass counter is in place on a series of drawers were I can store almost anything. Things are a bit more ahead than this photo. It's very exciting. Unpacking and organizing supplies for a new space. It's actually fun now. Hope to have a series with the progress in the next few days up on monday. Until then I'm organizing drilling, hanging and assembling.

Visitors will be welcome soon.

POSTED ON Sunday, December 14, 2008 - 10:51

Ok, I know everyone is wondering when I'm going to have my new heavybubble site ready. It's a bit embarrassing to be a founder in a company and not be using its product.

The truth is I've been making everyone else's bubbles and getting our first heavybubble event : makingFIVE off the ground. The show is pretty darn good for our first. So that's why I'm not ready. Ok that's not all. I just haven't gotten my work organized. That's the hardest part; determining exactly what you want to show up where and in what order.

POSTED ON Saturday, November 29, 2008 - 13:17

makingFIVE an exhibition

This is the e-card for my upcoming show. Join us for some merry making at our opening on December 12th. I hope my Philadelphia buddies can make it. With the holiday season coming there is so much art to see.

POSTED ON Thursday, November 20, 2008 - 07:28

Yes this is an old photo. But you'll probably see this old configuration in the new studio.