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stella gassaway : egyptian waters series.

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in the studio : I have been experimenting with making marks with ink recently. Trying to develop a new vocabulary with a set of different tools. These marks were made using ink on watercolor paper with several bamboo pens, found objects, and a plastic baster brush given to me by my friend and fellow artist Damini Celebre. My experiment here is testing how these marks, when cropped and confined to identical shapes could be assembled into a larger piece.
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main line arts center : works on paper

I'm pleased to tell you that one of my drawings has been selected
for Main Line Art Center : Works on Paper juried exhibition along
with more than 25 other artists. I've previewed the work and am
very excited to be included in a show with so many excellent works.

The selected drawing privy path is from a series of plein air
works in my Rare Earth Series.

I hope you will join me at the reception on friday June 1st.

stella gassaway : rare earth 

Works on Paper

May 18-June 8

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cover rare earth 2006

This is the cover of a small booklet rare earth : late summer.

It contains a collection of drawings that are plein air works; drawn outdoors representing a direct response to the scene in front of the artist. These drawings are notations of my experience which, when revisited, inspire a new series of drawings influenced by memory.

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studio ready for visitors

My studio ready for visitors in December of 2006.

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my new udiost

This is my new studio space. I'm measuring and making a floorplan while margaret is catching a couple of z's. I began moving things in in January of 2005.

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