In the Studio : June

A new project on the worktable yesterday.

Trying to jumpstart my making work and keep myself from spending another day cleaning and doing construction in the studio. I decided I should make some small things. Experiment and make it easier to maybe even make several in one studio session. I have many larger projects that I have started but they have many stages and I'm waiting now for inks to dry.

In the studio : May, more changes

Had to paint this cardboard wall. Just too dark. Also decided I will keep it now until I can afford to build the sliding wall I have designed. So I laid down a layer of primer.

Completed phase one. Next is a layer of flat white. Brightened the studio up considerably. Next is to get a couple of pulleys to fly up some storage and a pegboard divider. Planning on being in the studio tomorrow. I'll move everything out of the way to do some drawings. Paint later in the week.

In the studio : altered books

I finally began my altered book project. It's been in my thoughts and sketchbook for over two years. My post  process : 9 x 9 new works [ part one] back in 2010 gives a little background. I finally felt I had a way forward. I opened each book to a spread that asked me to ink it. I know this sounds strange but I can't really define all of the reasons why I chose the particular spreads, so I'll leave the reasons out of the process so far.

studio signs at 1241

I was working on my new sign for the studio. I designed the blade format for Steve our landlord. It gives each artist a place to do some decorative arts for their  space. The bottom part of the sign has my studio number and I get to do what ever I want to the top part on each side of the blade. I decided that many of my drawings don't read well from a distance but that this new one, a direct result of my drawing-a-day series would work well. I'm hoping that I can have another that will work well for the opposite side.

In the studio : October 2011

I spent a long day in the studio Sunday.

I walked over from home; took a different route and enjoyed the cool weather. By the time I got up to my studio I was feeling a bit more tired than invigorated by the walk. I decided I didn't have the energy to make drawings on the wall.

I poured a tall glass of water and put on a half pot of coffee as usual.

in the studio : June 2011

June has been a month of reassessment, organization, and letting go of things. I'm in the studio now. I have been using tools all morning. Ladders are my friend.

I know that this is just a matter of getting my brain and my body ready to make some new art. Everything is moving around in my head. The me and the studio haven't been ready to accept new work. Soon though... Today has been a day of clearing surfaces and putting things away.

Maybe I will be able to tear some paper and get it ready for new drawings.

in the studio : august 2010

Happy to get some time in the studio again this weekend. It was al because of my hard ware not arriving for my framing for Oregon in Songlines. More about that in another post. It was a bit difficult to get focused while all I could think about was framing and shipping and my little book if I can get that ready too,

in the studio : July 2010

Back in the studio — finally.  It was a most excellent day of drawing on Sunday. I lit the incense, put on my ipod, and drew almost nonstop for five hours.

Stepping back into the groove with a limited vocabulary, ink drawings and iconic marks, made it easy to lose track of everything else but the memories of the ocean. I could taste the salt and feel the breeze blowing off the water. My mind was empty and the drawings came.

I was able to complete four drawings. Here's one.

in the studio: stella's got her groove back

At last a full day in the studio. It has been difficult getting in a rhythm since our move to Old City. Unpacking, settling in, and working have kept me from establishing a time to get to my studio and make art.

Saturday I spent the whole dang day in the studio. Cleaned up the mess I had left before we moved; creating space to make some new work. Lots of time putting away drawing supplies and clearing surfaces for some new constructions I have in mind.

October : Documenting work.

Spent saturday with my pal photographing a body of work that was too big to scan. It's exciting to think about getting this work on the web. It's also cool to think about the whole process of documenting.

The time moves quickly when you have a really good photographer and you are prepared. Yet, you have the time to consider each piece you shoot and become familiar with it again.


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