acrylic ink

Heading toward Seeing Red.

Working on new pieces for SEEING RED an open call by Heavy Bubble. I love everything about the title and the color so I decided to participate.

I'm not sure why I just prepared two panels — time to add at least one more. Thiey have been sanded twice and gessoed once. When dry I'll add another coat of gesso. I'm torn about my surface finish dull or shiny. But I always like to apply and sand at least two coats of gesso. I like spending time with prepping the panels it helps me prepare to make something.

In the Studio : green takes over

A drawing just happened the other day. Yes just happened. I wasn't sure what I was going to make but my first decision to work with watercolor paper started a cascade.

For the first time in ages I cut a sheet of watercolor paper, dampened it, and taped it down. Laying down color happened immediately. I used markers filled with acrylic in and then let everything dry. I dampeded the paper again and added a wash. I waited for it to dry. 

3060 marks one splat on Yupo

Another in my new series of ink drawings on Yupo.

I was well into this drawing. Only a few rows short of being finished. All I could hear was my breath, the tap of my pen on the Yupo surface. I had just filled my pen when a vibration and a door slam startled me.

The result, a splat.

I gathered myself and decided to finish the drawing. Title 3060 splat

in the studio : late March

Marks side by side.

Another experiment on white Yupo with my new marker and acrylic ink. I'm enjoying this adventure into everything synthetic. So strange trying to control the quality of the line as it glides across the surface. I find this an exciting alternative to my rag paper and traditional inks. The other side of the coin in a way. I enjoy both and switching back and forth always keeps me sharp.

This drawing is in it's early stages. I don't know if it really will be something but the trip has been worth it so far.

In the studio : A lone drawing.

It's always an interesting experience when I make one of something. My mode of operation is to create a series of drawings and watch what happens in the repetition as I move from one drawing to the next. I do this to get deep into a space where I let the marks reveal themselves by the physical gesture that dominates at that time.

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