Making marks on tuesday in the studio.

Had a great day in the studio last tuesday. Took a couple pics. Digital photography is great but I really want wireless transfer. I know I can take a shot or two with my iPhone but I like using my camera and that means transferring from my memory card to my laptop and then uploading to my Flickr account. No. I don't upload images to FB because I find their TOS (Terms of Service) offensive. At flickr I control the rights of each and every one of my images individually. (I'm looking forward to seeing what Google + has to offer. I hate Facebook in O so many ways.)

Three out of four is not bad, new drawings.

I don't believe it's real. I have four days in my studio when I don't have to think about anything but making art. Today I went into the studio for the first day of my of my art retreat.

I have been working on these drawings for ages. They are 6 x 6  how much trouble could they be? Well, first they started out as pencil drawings. I laid down a grid and began working with a grid of directional lines, In some places you can see the intricate herringbone marks peeking through. The work hung on the wall for weeks. I couldn't see where it was going. I took it down and put it away.

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