We all love crayons, yes?

I have been thinking about making use of some materials I haven’t used in quite a while. First thing that came to mind was crayons. I picked up one of my graph paper books and my crayon tin and started filling boxes.

All of this is an exercise to warm up to some new marks and process that will drive new drawings.

in the studio : August 2012

One of my favorite pens. It makes amazingly wonderful lines. I love using transparent ink. These are a couple experiments inspired by my #drawingaday project. More and more the #drawingaday project is having impact on my studio work.  These are some of my lines in the studio last week. The glide of ink on the synthetic paper was fabulous and I'm looking to use ink for my 18 lines series. Memory landscapes.

drawing a day 05222012

Loving making blunt marks. They are like using a metal brush or a carpenters pencil. I'm looking at how these could be combined in some of the drawings I'm experimenting with now.

I have always made these marks with pastels and graphite. Now I'm looking to make them with ink. The thing is making a tool so that the marks don't deteriorate too much. I have always loved the deterioration in my other drawings but I'm trying some marks that can stay true in these new pieces.

if you don't make your own tools


For my last series of drawings I constructed an acetate mask to make the background color fields on which I would place my marks. This was successful and I like that way of creating color fields. But I want to make a different single stroke mark. I could use a brush to do that but it would use too much pigment for the surface I want.

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