In the studio : August and yellow drawings

I have been working on this drawing on and off for months. It goes on the wall, into that flat files, and comes out again. This is a ritual for this piece. But this week I was showing it to artist Amy Ralston during a studio visit and what I need to do next became clear. The drawing is on the wall and we'll have a conversation later today that I think may end our ritual.

Yellow seems to be the color this month. I also have started a line drawing on Yupo that i'm really starting to embrace.

18 lines

Starting a new series called 18 lines.

Each of these drawings will only have 18 lines. I began a test on a synthetic paper with graphite yesterday. The quality of the lines are what I was looking for, but the visual experience from a distance is not.

These are repetitive, meditative pieces a response to the sounding series.

Three out of four is not bad, new drawings.

I don't believe it's real. I have four days in my studio when I don't have to think about anything but making art. Today I went into the studio for the first day of my of my art retreat.

I have been working on these drawings for ages. They are 6 x 6  how much trouble could they be? Well, first they started out as pencil drawings. I laid down a grid and began working with a grid of directional lines, In some places you can see the intricate herringbone marks peeking through. The work hung on the wall for weeks. I couldn't see where it was going. I took it down and put it away.

drawings 18

I've begun a new series of drawings that are based on drawing 18 lines.

I draw 18 lines with the same grade of graphite without resharpening. While drawing I can't think of anything but the line and what number it is in the set of the marks.

Everything is about the line.

It I lose track of the line things happen.

These are large drawings for me. 30 x 40 inch Rives BFK white.

studio : february 2010

The snows have been keeping me from the studio. But I'm going no matter what end of this week. This is a detail of one of the drawings waiting for me. And there are several others just aching to get out.The paper is already torn and ready to go.

This is a smaller series on Rives BFK. The surface loves the graphite and hangs on to just enough pastel.


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