Ascertain acquired for collection.

During Philadelphia Open Studio Tours in October this year I decided to show some of my newest drawings. This included six ink drawings on Yupo synthetic paper that I made in the lead up to my show in June.

I'm so pleased to say that one of these drawings Ascertain has been purchased by Debroah Ward for her collection.

Debroah Ward serves on the Board of Vox Populi Gallery, currently as president. She is an avid arts supporter and collector of local Philadelphia artists.

indigo experiments

Last week I began testing an indigo ink.

I have made a series of drawings since March that are the result of repetive marks and the visual rhythmns derived from the depletion of ink in my dip pen. When I make these drawings my mind is empty and the result of the process is a complete surprise.

Get the work out where people see it.

Getting work out where it can be seen isn't as easy as it sounds. Chosing where it should be seen is critical to the perception of the viewer.

What happened this past weekend was pretty amazing. I was invited to show my work by and with artists I respect. They have a show and sale every year near the holidays. It's been going on for years. This is the sixteenth. I got my work out there to be seen. 

drawing a day 02252012

Lines and interruptions.

The rhythm of my days. That's what this drawing feels like.

I'm moving along and there are these strange but pleasing interruptions interruptions interruptions add joy or consternation. They are the fabric of life and this drawing is my unconscious rambling yet rhythmic being.



It was a long day in the studio today. I was a bit under the weather so everything takes exponentially longer.

But this was what my six drawings looked like when they were matted and framed. Wonderful frames from Seven Arts in Old City.


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