New drawing. It's yellow.

This week in the studio I worked on a three panel drawing I've been working on for a few weeks. This is in a new series that I have been making sketches for awhile. In an effort to test the limits of creating larger drawings by making a group of panels that are joined together. This first group of three panels create a very atmospheric space. I'm imagining more.

The entire drawing is made with colored ink and a single bamboo pen.


drawing a day 05222012

Loving making blunt marks. They are like using a metal brush or a carpenters pencil. I'm looking at how these could be combined in some of the drawings I'm experimenting with now.

I have always made these marks with pastels and graphite. Now I'm looking to make them with ink. The thing is making a tool so that the marks don't deteriorate too much. I have always loved the deterioration in my other drawings but I'm trying some marks that can stay true in these new pieces.


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