mixed media

Get the work out where people see it.

Getting work out where it can be seen isn't as easy as it sounds. Chosing where it should be seen is critical to the perception of the viewer.

What happened this past weekend was pretty amazing. I was invited to show my work by and with artists I respect. They have a show and sale every year near the holidays. It's been going on for years. This is the sixteenth. I got my work out there to be seen. 

In the Studio : June

A new project on the worktable yesterday.

Trying to jumpstart my making work and keep myself from spending another day cleaning and doing construction in the studio. I decided I should make some small things. Experiment and make it easier to maybe even make several in one studio session. I have many larger projects that I have started but they have many stages and I'm waiting now for inks to dry.

if you don't make your own tools


For my last series of drawings I constructed an acetate mask to make the background color fields on which I would place my marks. This was successful and I like that way of creating color fields. But I want to make a different single stroke mark. I could use a brush to do that but it would use too much pigment for the surface I want.

in the studio : August

Three drawings that I had started that were staring at me have moved ahead quite a bit. More experimentation with some oil pastels and drawing with strange objects that push away the pastels. Some of the objects help me score the surfaces creating grooves that doing catch any new pigment.

I have a fourth and it is just beginning to take shape — I'm not showing it here. It will come soon.

It's great to get some squares on the wall again and get some energetic drawings going. We'll see what they look like next week.


naming new drawings

I've been working on some very active drawings this summer. These four red squares are crying out for names. I haven't discovered them yet. I thought if I put them at my blog I could look at them more and think about names. I also told folks that I would post the drawings when they were finished. So here we go.

a lost drawing

I rediscovered the image of this drawing while archiving some files. But finding the actual drawing has been a bit of a challenge. I was thinking of revisiting some of these processes... especially for the larger drawings. Scaling some of the vocabulary to 4 times the size.

Thinking about how to make the tools to make these large marks. Photos of tool making next week. Looking at industrial felt. Many sketches of these ideas. Now to try them.


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