The Adventures of #FlatAnvatar by @Platea

I was watching my twitter stream this week and saw a post about Artist and @Platea founder An Xiao heading to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena from NYC. The tweet was humorous and I tweeted to An wishing her a safe journey... A joke response. She smiled. Then another post... I direct tweeted @joanie_s_c who asked me if I wanted to play too. Play? Of course I wanted to play. That lead me to being part of this live no rules twitter performance.

Following Piece 2.0 : Dec 23, 2009 0 The blonde woman and the TINY bag

Everything is about following.
Are you following me?

I was intrigued by the { following 2.0 } project at many levels. Not the least of which was my twitter handle : stellth. Stellth is one side of me. Stellth is a silent observer, an investigator, a documenter. Stellth is unseen.

Being an observer is essential to stimulating the imagination. Observation and imagination were key to my process in this piece.

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