Group Show: Arbitrary Relevance at Ground Floor

A pair of my walnut missives will be included in Arbitrary Relevance a group show in our building's new gallery Ground Floor. The inaugural exhibition will present a tidy pile of small works by artists who work in 1241 Carpenter.

Excited about the new opportunities in the new exhibition space. I've included the names of the other confirmed participants. I hope you'll join me for the reception or during the gallery hours listed below.

More about my walnut missives >

In the Studio : February

Trying to get something started.

I cut some sheets of Yupo to size. Working on seeing what happens when I make a series of about 40 drawings and arrange them in a grid. These are the first two in the series.

I'm about to work on two new pieces within the same framework. I never know what this ink will do. I haven't done any of these monochrome measurement drawings with magenta before. So much is new in drawing and experience. Off to make some more.

In the Studio : favorite objects

Everything in my studio is important to me. Each object holds memories of the work that has been created; they are my art partners. This stool has been in every creative space since 1977. At one time it was a tall stool with a back, but when I stopped working at a drawing table I removed the back. Somewhere along our journey the back didn't travel to the next studio.

unnamed drawing

One of my drawings in Measurements. Made with ink and a bamboo pen on three torn sheets of Rives BFK. Trying to think of a name. Right now it is unnamed. Each line was made with one dip of a pen.

little walnut drawings

Here's a look at the tools I'm using to make my walnut drawings.

This view gives you an idea of how the whole nature of the process of drawing informs what the work will be in the final state. The process is the drawing. This has been the case with all the drawings I have been making in 2014. No emotion, no memories, no composition. No consideration for anything but making the marks. No standing away from the drawing and assessing it.

The process makes its own demands

In the Studio : green takes over

A drawing just happened the other day. Yes just happened. I wasn't sure what I was going to make but my first decision to work with watercolor paper started a cascade.

For the first time in ages I cut a sheet of watercolor paper, dampened it, and taped it down. Laying down color happened immediately. I used markers filled with acrylic in and then let everything dry. I dampeded the paper again and added a wash. I waited for it to dry. 

studio marathon : caught up in their heat

I've lost track of what day it is in the studio. I just know today is the last of the marathon.

I've gotten my groove back and I have three projects going on simultaneously. It's always good when I have several series in the works. One will take off and take over. But until then I explore the possibilities and one project feeds the other.

These are the drawings that have my attention right now.

I'm caught up in their rhythm and their heat.


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