plein air

Research : working on a commission

The past few days I have been working on a commission. I've been spending time near the ocean to create a measurements piece that will be installed at a beach house. Being near the ocean in late september and early October is very informative. The weather conditions can be incredibly different from morning through evening and from one day to the next.

These are two images I took on two consecutive days. There was also a day where the fog was thick right through noon. I experienced so many states of light and texture so close to where the land touches the ocean.

Plein Air : by the ocean

I've got a special bag just for art supplies ready to go at all times. 

Here I am by the ocean with a selection of my tools. The bag has served me well since I set up my pencil cases, brush rollups and assortment of pads and sketchbooks. I can also carry it as a backpack and it is just the right size to be light and confortable while I carry a slew of optional drawing implements.

Time to take it out for another spin.

Thinking out Loud : found in my flat files

I was organizing in my studio and came across three drawings I made a couple years back at the Jersey shore. I often go to the ocean to make drawings. I love sitting on the boardwalk or even in the car if it is raining and making marks that feel like that moment. I often create a series of glphs or make repetitive lines that define the consition of water or grasses, sand or sky. These drawings reminded me that I hadn't made any plein air in several months. I need to get outside and to look and listen to the rhythm of my surroundings.

travel kit by the river

Today hours by the river with my simple, compact, and trusty travel drawing kit.

I often carry this kit on a walk or when traveling so I can always stop and draw wherever I am. I've been filling the pages for some time now in a particular vocabulary and style. Only one quarter of the book is full. I have a long way to go.


Four days : plein air

Thrilled to have four days of plein air drawing. So happy to have a place protected from the rain, just in case. We've had so much of it lately. Now, to make some drawings.

The basic kit includes:
- Fabriano Journal
- Rotring Sketch Pen
- Caran d’Ache Aquarelle
- Koi Water Brushes
and of course a few graphite pencils

The river project

I haven't been in my studio in two weeks. Busy with the jobs. I have been drawing the whole time and now I'm working on a new project. The river project. A can't find the sketchbooks I want for my new project. Leaves one choice. Make my own. Well. maybe with the help of my bud Elena Bouvier. She is my trusted source for all things book. I'm trying to decide what format I would like the drawings to take. Setting up some ground rules for how I will create the drawings and then how the project will be as a whole. 

Rare Earth, plein air pastels.

These are three of five drawings I have from available from my first Rare Earth Series. They are from work I did plein air in the Adirondack's. Mounted they easily fit in a 16 x 20" frame. The do need a float.

It was terrific making these drawings and I'm looking forward to making more this autumn.

drawing in a new space


Here's a shot at my new drawing space. I brought a new drawing board where I can mount papers and move the board around. It also has a smooth surface; that's very helpful.

I made small drawings and many sketches for new larger drawings I'm planning to do in the studio.

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