Preparing for a Holiday Sale

You are invited to join me and the artists of Heron Studios for their Holiday Exhibition + Sale. I'll be joining the artists on the first floor showing small works in the studio of Amy Ralston.

Opening Reception | Friday, November 15 : 6 - 9 pm

11/16 : 11 - 5 pm

11/17 : 11 - 5 pm

11/23 : 11 - 5 pm

11/24 : 11 - 5 pm

Heron Artists: Mary Gordon, Marian Kassab, Jane Porter, Lorri Primavera, Amy Ralston, Carol Rydel

The river project

I haven't been in my studio in two weeks. Busy with the jobs. I have been drawing the whole time and now I'm working on a new project. The river project. A can't find the sketchbooks I want for my new project. Leaves one choice. Make my own. Well. maybe with the help of my bud Elena Bouvier. She is my trusted source for all things book. I'm trying to decide what format I would like the drawings to take. Setting up some ground rules for how I will create the drawings and then how the project will be as a whole. 


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