3 or more hours

I made this drawing after the splat. 

I had finished the splat drawing but I really felt as though I needed to make another. From previous experience I figured I might be able to make another small drawing in the three or more hours I had left in my studio day.

Making this drawing actually surprised me. My ability to maintain an even tempo and distance was quite easy. I am really please with what it turned out to be. 

in the studio : stick patterns for spring

This new drawing was inspired by my recent walnut ink drawings.

Where the walnut ink is subtle the acrylic ink I used for this drawing and a humber of others is not. Still there is an amazing variation of hue and intensity. This drawing and a number of others consist of 18 lines drawn and stacked on a single small sheet. This would fit in a   9 x 12 inch frame.

I often draw brown marks in the spring. These recent drawings are like little sticks. The drawing wants another mark. Something warmer? Not sure yet.

18 lines

Starting a new series called 18 lines.

Each of these drawings will only have 18 lines. I began a test on a synthetic paper with graphite yesterday. The quality of the lines are what I was looking for, but the visual experience from a distance is not.

These are repetitive, meditative pieces a response to the sounding series.


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