EXHIBITION soundings : mowat · ralston · untalan

My drawings in this exhibition focus on measurement and probing. A ping. Each series of marks is made by filling a tool then making marks until the ink is gone. How far will the ink go?

I have always been drawn to make marks. The repetition allows me to be caught up in a rhythm; the proximity of the marks create rest and action. This is central to my work. Using tools that ask me to focus on each mark creates a meditative state. Each mark seems to take an eternity. I touch the surface, make the mark, and then move away.

Walking Goldsworthy's wall.

Autumn in the mountains is a technicolor dream.

Recently spent a few days up North in Kingston and took a road trip to Storm King. Two favs one is this wall which I followed across the park. Sometimes straight as an arrow, others serpentine, yet others out of sight.

I want to make some drawings that make me feel like that — bisecting a field.

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