in the studio : May

It's been difficult to concentrate on making new work while my show has been happening. Everything I have been doing has been in support of the show —telling people about the drawings writing and telling people about the work — being immersed in the drawings.

It's hard to be in the present when all you do is talk about the past.

In the studio : February


Was a terrific art day Sunday. Walked to the studio. Worked on my most recent drawings. The series is beginning to come together. Walked to 110 Church just in time to catch friends that had come for the ART of Printmaking conversation at 110 CHURCH. (They said it was great) Then to dinner and more art talk. It was art from the moment I lifted my head from the pillow until I put it back down for the night.

Assuming the contemplation position.

Sorting photos and came upon this one. Wearing shorts, nice. Right now wearing long johns.

Just thinking that I haven't done this in a while. I still remember how to I think. Heading to the studio Sunday to find out. Getting drawings for the 3rd Street Gallery Community Show together. Looking for something I have framed and ready to go. How much are three entries again?

I'll be letting you know what happens and if I am together enough to make the deadline.

in the studio : august 2010

Happy to get some time in the studio again this weekend. It was al because of my hard ware not arriving for my framing for Oregon in Songlines. More about that in another post. It was a bit difficult to get focused while all I could think about was framing and shipping and my little book if I can get that ready too,

in the studio : July 2010

It was 9 am and already 82° when I headed out to my studio sunday morning. It's a two mile walk or so. I usually break it up with a stop for a cup of coffee or breakfast on the way.

This sunday Margaret walked with me to Philadelphia Java Company. We had coffee, tea, and some breakfast buns and I ordered a sandwich for lunch. It was a refreshing stop — I headed the rest of the way to my studio alone. The sun was beating down on South Philly a place bereft of trees and almost impossible to find a sliver of shade.

in the studio : July 2010

Back in the studio — finally.  It was a most excellent day of drawing on Sunday. I lit the incense, put on my ipod, and drew almost nonstop for five hours.

Stepping back into the groove with a limited vocabulary, ink drawings and iconic marks, made it easy to lose track of everything else but the memories of the ocean. I could taste the salt and feel the breeze blowing off the water. My mind was empty and the drawings came.

I was able to complete four drawings. Here's one.


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