Research : working on a commission

The past few days I have been working on a commission. I've been spending time near the ocean to create a measurements piece that will be installed at a beach house. Being near the ocean in late september and early October is very informative. The weather conditions can be incredibly different from morning through evening and from one day to the next.

These are two images I took on two consecutive days. There was also a day where the fog was thick right through noon. I experienced so many states of light and texture so close to where the land touches the ocean.

Another storm

This is the second day that I have been lucky enough to be in my studio during these storms. I have an amazing view of the city and the sky which changes every second it seems.

Now the sky is one giant cloud covering the tops of our taller buildings. A steady rain falls.

Art studio temperatures - 88 today

Today I went to my studio at 10 am. It was already 76 degress. I spent 9 hours there. How? I have an air-conditioner! I now have a studio that I can work in 12 months. I don't have to run away in the dog days of summer. Of course that means no excuses - just go and make some art.

So, I guess that's what I'm going to do.

If I could find my camera there would be some photos.

Seen my camera?

studio temperatures : heat alert

My first day in the studio in weeks. I spent most of the time just cleaning up the dirt that covers the place when the BIG fans go on. The fans ran all day while I was there. I cleaned, organized some work.

I unwrapped some framed pieces that had come back from the All About Trees show; looking for where they could reside next. I drank so much water one would think I would float away. I have a thermometer to check the temp so I don't become oblivious and forget to hydrate.

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