In the Studio : jumping

tools, mark-making, felt, pens

I spent a full 8 hour day in my studio yesterday. I jumped from one project to another hoping to land on using these new tools. These three marking devices are made of felt. I've been thinking of making some like this for some time. My plan was to buy industrial felt or maybe using chalk erasers to build pens and stamping devices or large pens.

Imagine my surprise when making a studio visit with Justin Bursk he pulls out these as a gift for me.

I haven't used them yet. Mainly because I want to see what happens when I make something with them without any tests. There are times when I check the reaction of certain mediums before I begin drawings. But when it comes to mark making tools I like to make some drawings without any understanding of the marks that it will make. I enjoy the surprises being applied to a drawing and not expecting the outcome.

I look forward to documenting the event.

Visit again to see what happens.