Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

drawing a day 02022012


This time I actually used a paint fill after I had drawn some pencil marks. That created some surprising white areas. I decided to keep them and make a couple additional graphite-like marks.

I'm thinking of exploring these more in the iPhone drawings but at the same time I'm looking for ways I could create these kind of artifacts in my analog drawings.

It's also good to just leave the drawing alone.

drawing a day 02012012

Another horizontal effort.

I try to get back in that direction now and again during these experiments. Really wanted to scribble again in this drawing. I really like how it almost feels like I'm working with graphite. Sort of smudgy.

I like to draw this sort of coil form. I could draw them over and over until I tear a hole in the paper.

drawing a day 01252012

Crazy lines in this one. I don't usually make marks like this at all.

It was fun to make some marks that felt like I was using a really saturated Sharpie. This was so quick and so much fun. The other marks were from a set I created and have enjoyed using so far through the series.


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